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‏الصلاة (The Book of Prayer)
No. 1038

This hadeeth comes under the following chapter:

This chapter has 37 hadeeth(s) in total. ...

Masruq reported: It was mentioned before'A'isha that prayer is invalidated (in case of passing) of a dog, an ass and a woman (before the worshipper, when he is not screened). Upon this 'A'isha said: You likened us to the asses and the dogs. By Allaah I saw the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) saying prayer while I lay on the bedstead interposing between him and the Qibla. When I felt the need, I did not like to wit to front (of the Prophet) and perturb the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) and quietly moved out from under its (i. e. of the bedstead) legs.

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